Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Free Facebook Timeline Covers/Blog Headers

I had so much fun designing these new Facebook timeline headers!  They would be super cute as blog headers/banners as well though.  I love them!  I made one that you can add photos to and one that is just for text.  So fun, right?  Enjoy!!!

X's & O's-


  1. Meg
    I love the birdcage one - may I use it on a personal altered art project?

  2. You are always so generous in what you design & share!

  3. Amazing it is!!
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  5. they are so beautiful
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  6. Where does one get this image? Is it an option available from Facebook? Or do I get it from you? Does it cost anything to use it? Please advise me. Thanks very much. I really like your style. Warm regards, B.N.A.F.

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  8. very amazing dear..
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  9. A big thank you for all the freebies! My blogs look so much better because of you! God bless you and yours!

  10. thank you for making these free. i love it!

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